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Conversational Wallet Design, UX 3.0

Design conversations instead of pages.

Conversation Design Principles
Design principles are vision statements for your project, they are the boundaries for your thought direction. They ground the stance you want to defend as team, and guide the decision making in your work. Without design principles your decision making will be prone to human bias and opinion.
Even Energy Distribution
Because of our linear mindset we often spend most time in designing in the before stage of our application. The energy distribution in during and after stages are often neglected, but create a lot of chaos in the process. Social Design aims for an even energy distribution leading to a pleasant and friendly product people love.
Story Structures
Expectation management in digital product design is almost non existent. Take your audience on a engaging experience and guide them where they are, and what they need by asking questions instead of telling them what to do.
Data Structures
Depending on your domain data standardization can be of paramount importance, Conversation Design uses standardized UX KPI’s so research in your domain is included.
Container Principle
Our data governance is broken as we coerce users in our domain, we must design with data in motion in a changing world. Keep your data in context, ask for actors consent. By giving Everybody an Assistant that keeps a check on personal data, your data become a study of self.
Facilitator Niels Kijf

Facilitator Niels Kijf

Niels is a digital design innovator and started the Social Design Academy to gather people around real social software design.

He is a pattern recognizer. He has a strong will to design software that benefits society. He learns, teaches, fails and continues. His drive is overwhelming as it is intoxicating.

He doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, but doesn’t aim for perfection either. His matra:

I Listen without disruption
I think in solitude
I design in collaboration
I tell to involve and evolve people

He has a strong believe that designing digital conversations instead of pages, will bring back ethics to digital design.

Society shall use distributed technology to benefit society.

Blockchain can make the world a fairer place, but we need to bring decision making into our digital networks, as our centralized governance is failing.

Brands are owned by the few, Social Brands are owned by the many.

If we want to design the Internet of Value(s) we need to design digital conversations instead of pages, and build a Social Appstore

We are designing solution for problems from our past.

If we want to make the world a better place, we need to take a stance in the digital space and design for desired outcomes by defining our principles.

Everybody has a role to play in the new Social Appstore.

We need new social design tools. Instead of solving problems with technology we need to build social technology to help us solve (wicked) problems.

Help yourself, so you can help others. ​

We are building the wrong things in the digital space and seriously need to build what the worlds needs now.

Our current Digital Product Design is broken, using software and AI to target the mind is simply evil. Learn about the hierarchy dilemma and how real social software design boosts the social cohesion we as people desperately need. We must redefine our UX definition.

The Social Design Academy redefined UX into Social UX the last 18 months, and we are slowly onboarding talent. We should avoid building in digital what we already know, as digital design gives us the power to organize ourselves in new ways.

Start designing with your favorite social brand today and subscribe to meaning. It’s time that we  pick up the torch for a brighter tomorrow together. Here we turn digital product designers into change makers.




Social Design Culture

Who you involve in decision making and how you innovate is all connected to how you design. Knowing where you are today opens the discussion for your future profile. Identity the authentic self for your organisation and take a stance in the digital space.

Social UX/UI

Build real social software around human activities and daily routines and build value for ever. Standardise problem sensing for all your stakeholders and Map social experiences instead of functional reactive software. Humanize your software 
so you become a genuinely interested in what people want and need.

Co-design & Co-creation

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Co-create what matters today.

As a company you need to become your moral authentic self, define your just cause and take a meaningful stance in the digital space if you want to keep resonating with your audiences.

Define your ethical foundation and future profile, and align your intent, purpose and meaning. Social Brands design with their employees, partners and costumers. Social Brands design digital conversations instead of pages and codesign what matters today. Focus on value delivery for your ecosystem and brighten peoples daily lives.

Colonial Design thinking is over we are moving to Civil Design Thinking in the 21st century. We need to look past our product and services and design value delivery around wellbeing. It’s time to democratize and humanize our brands, software and way of working using social design.


Catalyst Appstore

In-wallet Onboarding for ADA-holders

This project is Design Research how we can turn page-based interaction design into digital conversations. By using existing wallets as access point we avoid the potential snake pit of inaccurate and false information.

In this project we will investigate current Cryptocurrency Wallet design patterns and rebuild them into their conversational counterpart. This will result into a remediation of our page-based design into conversation design.


Become a Governance Experience Designer

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Conversational Interactin Design

Design conversations instead of pages.

Our current wallet software is impolite, assumes too much, and is not situational aware. Instead of page-based interaction, level-up your governance experience design and master Conversational Interaction Design; Design digital conversations instead of pages.

Rebuild as Assistant

In this course you will learn how to redesign an application into an assistant. Our current software is impolite, assumes too much, and is not situational aware. Instead of page-based interaction, level-up your experience design and master Conversational Interaction Design; Design digital conversations instead of pages.

Social UX Practitioner (Soon)

There are a lot of new collaboration tools, but without a design system that every participant understands, co-creating is very hard. Master the Social UX/UI Basics and become a certified Social Experience Designer.

We turn software designers into change makers.

We are moving from a creators economy to economy creators. Choose for moral imagination and learn to become a governance experience designer for web3.


Become a Change maker and be the first to know about our next social design challenge.

Learn to build Virtual Assistants for your domain using the Human Activities and Routines worksheet.



First-time sessions up to 90 minutes are always free, during our
intake we discuss your goals and set expectations.