We need to rethink how we embed digital money and build fair technology for society.

We need to rethink how we embed digital money and build fair technology for society.

Social Design Academy
We facilitate educational experiences and co-creation events with Agencies, Impactful Brands & Cities that want to design a fairer digital world.

We help meaningful brands, that want to do good for people and the planet, scale their story with assistant-centered design. Conversational brands change their software design attitude; Colonial becomes collaborative, and Applications become Assistants. Talking about work, becomes making information actionable, and we don’t design pages, but digital stories and interactive conversations.

Yes, we have been busy and invented conversational interaction design, it not only makes your software natural and pleasant, but also makes you AI output, and blockchain ready in the process.

Designing conversations is the blindspot in software design, because our cognitive dissonance screams that chatbots are annoying. And they are, but we can also us conversation design is a manual way, a way that’s closer to application design, but we design conversations instead of pages.

Design storylines and onboard people in your micro-learning environment.
What conversations do we need to have? What questions do we need to ask to reach a certain outcome? How do we use moral imagination to rethink how we embed digital money in our society? Are we building a dystopian surveillance economy or a cohesive civil economy?

How we embed fair money and technology in society will be the trending topic for this decade.

We have two options:

  1. Technologize Humans (Trans-humanism)
  2. Humanize Technology (Communityism)

We believe that weak leaders want to use technology for control, and strong leaders want to build fair technology for freedom. We believe in the second path and want to co-create fair money and technology that unlocks our greatest human potential through collective decision-making.

Conversational brands resonate their meaningful stories across the world by co-building digital storytelling infrastructure that delivers interactive content to positively impact in the world. Earning back by profiting from Conversational Apps, The Timewarp Conversational Network and the Timewarp Assistant Design License.

Social Innovation is not an experiment
We must evolve our businesses, embrace ethical & moral design, and get ready for the future, we need to move beyond designing for convenience or status. Every meaningful brand plays a role in Social Innovation, and the Social Design Academy wants to show the path towards new and future proof design paradigms. If we really want to unlock our greatest human potential we need to un-silo, and re-connect our minds with our heart.

Social Design Academy as hub for cooperatives
Social Design Academy is a hub for conversational software cooperation and coordination and supports social entrepreneurs and builders that want to use software to build a truthful, beautiful, artful, adventurous, and peaceful future. Because the future belongs to everybody.

Design Digital Design attitude shifts to Empower Society.
It’s time to build Conversational Networks by building Assistants instead of Applications.
It’s time to build a Social Appstore outside of the walled gardens.
It’s time to build Conversational Wallets, not utility/transaction focused wallets.
It’s time to move from creators economy, to economy creators.
It’s time for Digital Governance that brings collective decision making into our digital networks.
To able to do this we need to remediate page-based interaction design into conversational interaction design,
and design across blockchain, not on top of blockchain.

Our keywords:
Future Realities Today
Monetize Digital Storytelling & Interactive Content to empower the individual and the collective.
Self-understanding, Truth Finding & Earth consciousness.

Let’s level up ethics and morals in the blockchain space together:
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