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Conversational Experience Design resources
for Novel Governance Solutions.

Level up from System Thinking to System Feeling.

Learning to design with language is the key to Novel Governance Design.

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Conversational Experience Design event(s)

Levelling up UX in the blockchain space.

Timewarp Library / Design Track

Self Understanding

Timewarp Library / Design Track

Brand Assistant Design

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Timewarp Library / Design Track

Future Design

This content is only available to Timewarp Licensees.

Digital Governance Design

Conversational Governance Design Co-design and monetize digital storytelling, self-governance, and interactive content, bringing collective decision-making into our digital networks. Our centralized governance models are too

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Conversational Wallet Design

HUMANIZE OUR WALLET DESIGN Conversational Wallet Design. It’s time to humanize society by bringing conversation design and story-structures to our wallet design. Our current interaction

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Human Activity Mapping

Standardizing your design research is key in social system design. If you want to find relations between problems in your ecosystem you need to use a common perspective. One that connects us all are activities and routines. Indexing human activities and routines in step 1 in streamlining thought directions in your social design workshops.


Project Clarity Cards

At the start of a project definition, people usually have wildly different ideas about what the project is about and what success looks like. In the decentralized space this is even worse, as hierarchy and coordination systems are removed.

Project Clarity Card help groups to find clarity about what they want to achieve. Scope drift is a problem in centralized teams, so you can imagine what happens is distributed groups.


Decision Making Verbs v1

Mindful use of language is at the core of Social UX. Often we use words, without being mindful of its actual meaning, also domain and perspective/roles shifts the meaning of words. By using first principles or a break down structure on words, you will find the true meaning of your domain specific language. This Activity pack is about decision making, and touches all projects small and large.

Pain & Gain Assessment

Assistant Centered Design prioritizes identifying problems through a human perspective. To do this, it's essential to adopt a single problem-sensing perspective and standardize your approach using a pain and gains format.

Get a complete understanding of your ecosystem by downloading our Pain & Gain Assessment worksheet today.

Human Activities & Routines

Introducing our Human activities & routines worksheet, the ultimate tool for understanding and optimizing your audience's daily habits.

This worksheet provides a comprehensive approach to indexing your users' daily routines, identifying patterns, negative emotions, and opportunities for improvement.

Ways of Working

To have a good understanding which way of working works best in which setting, what the characteristics define each method.. We created this side by side ways of working overview. Especially in the decentralized space we need a way of working that enables us to do our best work, as hierarchy is removed, and chaos can easily take over. Workflow and Process are the name of the game.



We happily facilitate live classes for your organization.

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Co-create what matters today.

As a company you need to become your moral authentic self, define your just cause and take a meaningful stance in the digital space if you want to keep resonating with your audiences.

Define your ethical foundation and future profile, and align your intent, purpose and meaning. Social Brands design with their employees, partners and costumers. Social Brands design digital conversations instead of pages and codesign what matters today. Focus on value delivery for your ecosystem and brighten peoples daily lives.

Colonial Design thinking is over we are moving to Civil Design Thinking in the 21st century. We need to look past our product and services and design value delivery around wellbeing. It’s time to democratize and humanize our brands, software and way of working using social design.


Assistant Centered Design (UX3.0)

Experience Mapping in combination with emotion mapping is the new product market-fit.

Conversational Experience Design changes the approach to experience design from pages to conversations. 90% of experience designers are not designing experiences, but features that might lead up to a pleasant experience. But the interface is not the experience, the outcome of the interaction is the experience.

This is called the Hierarchy Dilemma. When you conform to an ecosystem (Apple/Google) the next step down is apps. When you are an Experience Designer the next step down is wireframes and features. We try to remedy this problem by coming up with new job descriptions like UX Researcher, but in fact we need to redefine our design tools as page-based feature design is getting old.

Design evolution: Features > Experiences > Engagement = Conversational Experience Design.

At the core of Conversational Experience Design is pre-prototyping/experiences mapping, you map the experience with your employees, partners and customers using participation design techniques like co-design and co-creation.

"If you don't design with your customer, you are not designing for your customer."

By inviting a broader spectrum of participants to your co-creation workshops - Business analyst, Outliers, Designers and lead-customers - you create a near perfect understanding of what it is you are trying to build or achieve.

Master Conversational Experience Design today, and make use of collective genius. Experience mapping is the best way to capture and progress design thinking for larger groups.


Rebuild as Assistant

Design conversations instead of pages.

In this course you will learn how to redesign an application into an assistant. Our current software is impolite, assumes too much, and is not situational aware. Instead of page-based interaction, level-up your experience design and master Conversational Interaction Design; Design digital conversations instead of pages.

Rebuild as Assistant

In this course you will learn how to redesign an application into an assistant. Our current software is impolite, assumes too much, and is not situational aware. Instead of page-based interaction, level-up your experience design and master Conversational Interaction Design; Design digital conversations instead of pages.

Social UX Practitioner (Soon)

There are a lot of new collaboration tools, but without a design system that every participant understands, co-creating is very hard. Master the Social UX/UI Basics and become a certified Social Experience Designer.



First-time sessions up to 90 minutes are always free, during our
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