Hierarchy of Needs

Meanings (15) → Values (64) → Emotions (50) → Incentives (30) → Interactive Content (∞)

Designing with the Hierarchy of Needs is a perquisite to design interactive content that tailors to self-connection, self-governance, or earth consciousness. Be aware that resonates with the chosen theme changes the selection of meaning, values, emotions, incentives and interactive content build or provided.

Conversational Commons

A conversational Commons is a hermetically closed governance model build on top of a side-treasury. People participating in a commons agreed the learn, earn a decide together and paying with their energy to create value. People contribute where they see fit, and a clear separation is made between contributor to the conversational network, and participating in producing interactive content that results income streams for the commons.

Design with language

When we often think of design we think of the veneer, how things look. Other people think about design as how things work. A more advanced way to think about design is a process that allows you achieve a meaningful outcome. Designing with language maps allows us to ideate governance systems, before we even write one line of code.

P2P Decision-making

People-to-people decision-making is at the opposite spectrum of AI. It’s help people collide their knowledge and wisdom to find better outcomes. To make this possible people need to register them selves in a conversational network by selecting a design challenge, minting a data-container and setting their interest and knowledge fields.

Activity Pair

An human activity verb, adjective and noun that leads to a meaningful outcome.

e.g. Write winning proposal | Create effective workflow | Build Governance Module.

Pre-prototype a Governance Network

You Pre-prototype a Conversational Network together by choosing 30 activity pairs for the before, during and after stages of your Governance System so that people-2-people interactions shape one data-structure into value over time.

Conversational Module

A conversational module is a chat-like interface module that combines the interface, data, attention tracking, reminders and control data, so the module can be stored and reactivated on blockchains.

Conversational Network

A conversational Network is novel type of social network that tailors to the needs of the individual and community by assisting people to their goals through incentivised interactive content using limited time-boxed sessions a day.