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Learn to design interactive content for individual, collective, and business benefit.

Experience mapping process

Niels will map the first part of your application live on a Miro board. It's blazing fast, easy to learn and gives you tools to humanize your software design.

Step 1

By mapping your experiences using descriptive verbs and nouns, we begin to uncover the activity pairs within your software.

Step 2

A Conversation brainstorm helps us to enrich the experience with education and hospitality perspective.

Step 3

With the insights gathered in step 1 and 2 we we are able to humanize your experience map, and rebuild the experience from pages to digital conversations.


Experience mapping enables us to humanize software design, by levelling up you functional experiences into engaging digital conversations. Refresh what you have been taught and...

Humanize your software

Let us start your experience and see how we design with language.

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John Doe
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
John Doe

Page-based software design
As social designers we believe it is essential to shift our attention to fair, ethical and anxiety reducing technology. Traditional page-based software design often disrespects effort, is not outcome driven and turn us into the robots, because of the repetitive nature of features. A set of features is not an experience, and real social technology must result in mutual beneficial outcomes for all participants.

Language-model software design
What ChatGPT mainly teaches us is that there is a strong desire to get a grasp on information overload, and to make information meaningful in our daily lives. We most definitely see a role for AI/ML, but we see the following flaws with centralized AI:

1- AI, the language model kind, in its current state is centralized tech using data-set from the past.
2 – AI doesn’t help us overcome our human condition, as it does not help us organize in new ways.
3 – Doesn’t support  decentralized/distributed decision making between individuals and groups.
4 – AI does not provide empathy, nor creativity, but can play a role in strategy for desired outcomes.

Computer Assisted Human Interaction
We focus on CaHI, computer assisted human interaction, as we rather focus on technology that keeps people at the center of decision making. Let’s bring our decision-making into the network, and build software that re-connects our real and virtual worlds in meaningful ways.

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Niels Kijf

Humanize your software means integrating utility, education and hospitality in your own conversational network.

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Niels Kijf Course Leader

Niels Kijf Course Leader

Niels is a digital design innovator pur sang and started the Social Design Academy to gather people around real social software design.

He is a pattern recognizer. He has a strong will to design software that benefits society. He learns, teaches, fails and continues. His drive is overwhelming as it is intoxicating.

He doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, but doesn’t aim for perfection either. His matra:

I Listen without disruption
I think in solitude
I design in collaboration
I tell to involve and evolve people

He has a strong believe that designing digital conversations instead of pages, will bring back ethics to digital design.



Designing experience maps with language allows you to design together.

By designing with language you can bring in more people together to build your conversational network. 


Reducing information overload is the name of the game.

By designing interactive content instead of pages you take your audiences on digital adventures, while educating them at there own pace.  Embrace the human touch of experience mapping and let us help you humanize your software design.


Design your conversational network with principles.

By crafting your experience maps with principles, you can streamline the thought direction of your teams.


Standardize problem sensing

We use a standardized approach to problem sensing using Pain & Gain Assessments on blockchain patterns. This helps us choose the human perspective over the technology perspective.


Rebuild as Assistant

The world is moving towards assistants and fair technology. Get ready for this new vision on technology and embrace Assitant centered design.


Conversational Interaction Design

Page-based design is getting old, we are working on a new design system called that transforms page-based interaction design into interactive conversation design. it’s time to build truly personalized experiences.

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This service is intended for brands that want to level up their digital experience. This unique service brings 20+ years of digital experience design to your platform. Book today and we'll get the ball rolling in no time.



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