Conversational Interaction Design

A new conversational interface approach for web2 and web3.

A manual and screen-first interface design approach that enables us to create new onboarding, micro-learning, and decision-making platforms.

Mental Model

A quick mental model is chat streams made actionable.
Experience mapping using before, during, and after thinking.

Reasons to learn

  1. Master to design software that is fair intuitive, natural, social, conversational (chat like), relational and pleasant.
  2. Our page-based software is really harsh and static without us realising it, some would even call it arrogant.
  3. The next evolution in front-end design extending a mental model that 68% of the world uses every day: Chat
  4. Our current Cardano Wallets are harsh, impolite, and assumptive, making it impossible from family and friend to onboard into Cardano, without asking help from a whizkid family members.
  5. 90% of software uses a product perspective, not a user, nor human perspective.
  6. We can rethink software so we can boost social innovation.
  7. Page-based design can’t create a personalised experience.

What will you become?

  • A Conversational Experience Designer that tailors content to people’s needs.
  • A non-linear software designer, that simplifies the technology stack.
  • Blockchain ready, as web2 software design does not apply for the blockchain space.
  • A decentralized and distributed design expert.
  • Digital design innovator.

How you will learn

  1. By doing, the only way to master digital storytelling and interactive content design is by doing.
  2. Self study, Co-study, Live-classes & Workshops.
  3. By joining the Design Challenge Movement.


  1. New interactive content formats.
  2. Conversational Wallets that combine utility, education and hospitality.
  3. Software that combines utility, education and hospitality with an authentic character.
  4. Finally a method that allows us to design situational aware services based on time, location and context.
  5. A new social design paradigm for our blockchain front-end interfaces.
  6. A new virtual interface layer for Wallets, AR/VR, Games, and Real world location based services.