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Live Classes

Facilitated hands-on co-design event in which you learn to create next-gen transitional interfaces and social apps that matter.


Design Challenges

By utilizing a standardized problem-sensing approach and incorporating lived experiences, we aim to find effective solutions to today's problems.

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Live Classes are given Sunday 14:00 CET

New Live Class data will be announced soon.

Design Challenges


News 3.0

How might we fix our broken News format?

Recurring online sessions to find solutions to our broken news-format.

We first pre-design a workflow to guide our sessions and draw from our own experiences and research to help us come up with new ideas. We are not afraid to face these challenges head-on. Because news today is literally a network problem.


Truth Finder

How might we design with data over time.

Truth Finding will be the challenge for this decade. How can we find truth quicker by bring quality decision-making and problem-solving into our digital networks? It's seems that time & re-evaluation is the enemy of false information.

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Live Classes


Interactive Content Design for Blockchain.

How might we Humanize our software design by making information actionable in our private spaces?

Designing with data across chain gives us an array of new potential, but also a lot of design challenges. How can we overcome inherent problems like data-cost, block-height & meta data-tracking, and design new revenue stream opportunities as we go?


Conversational Networks create, deliver & measure Interactive Content at scale.

How might we make data actionable across blockchain?

We found a way to make information actionable and create and deploy Social Apps (novel interactive content) that tailors to individual, collective and planetary needs. By designing personal assistants that raise awareness, and push and nudge people into action we can truly offset the pressure on the planet for good.

A lot of solutions to do better are already out there, but there is no way to deploy and validate this knowledge at scale. By making information actionable in our networks, we can create real-social technology that advances humanity by unlocking our Collective Genius.

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Innovation starts where cognitive diversity collides.

For whom?
Social Design Academy connects and trains digital product designers and organisations that take digital social responsibility to solve real-world problems. We often look inwards in our organisation when it comes to problem-solving, but creating, deploying and measuring interactive content enables us to achieve true social impact and find new virtual revenue streams by looking outwards.

Make information actionable through interactive content design.
We still separate education and application in our daily lives. But change is too fast, so our legacy methods can't keep up. By bringing information and decision-making into our digital networks we can discover new ways to achieve true social impact.

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FORM GUIDE How would you describe yourself? A Business Analyst, Outlier, Designer or Customer? Our motto Everybody is a designer.

Niels Kijf Facilitator

Niels Kijf Facilitator

Niels is a digital design innovator and started the Social Design Academy to gather people around public interest technology and real social software design.

He is a pattern recognizer. He has a strong will to design blockchain software that benefits society. He learns, teaches, fails and continues. His drive is overwhelming as it is intoxicating.

He doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, but doesn’t aim for perfection either. His matra:

I Listen without disruption
I think in solitude
I design in collaboration
I tell to involve and evolve people

He has a strong believe that designing interactive content instead of static pages, will bring back ethics and new meaningful revenue models to the digital space.

You can wake him in the night to talk about meaningful business models, novel education systems, distributed decision making, and building personal assistants that deliver on personal and collective development goals.

For whom?

Design challenges are for change makers that want to tackle the worlds biggest problems by rethinking our problem-solving in itself.

For people and teams that want to make the world a better place by designing interactive content that really has a positive impact on people's lives.

Let's build novel educational technology together and design new interactive content and deployment formats that guide and nudge people to their goals.


Digital Governance

Co-creation Events by SDA.


We never learned to bring our values and principles into our digital network. Understanding your hierarchy of needs, helps you make better decisions, for your personal live and where you want to use your energy. The time to change our design attitude and learn to design with principles is now.


Our software development methods and content formats have become outdated. To revitalize your content strategy, adopt an Assistant-Centered Design approach, which moves away from colonial design thinking and embraces collaboration. This mindset shift helps break down silos and fosters a more inclusive and participatory design process for digital governance solutions.


Revisit the origins of the internet and its evolution over the past 25 years. Despite advancements, the centralization of technology solutions in big tech has hindered progress.

Rethink traditional design methods and content formats, such as page-based design and reliance on video. Consider the relationship between real-life organization and digital design.

Join the Design Challenge movement and embrace co-creation as a form of governance to unlearn old methods and collectively learn and progress.

Join AS co-creator

Social Design Academy brings individuals and organisations together, using Co-creation as Governance to solve real-world problems. By standardising problem-sensing we take away a lot of frustration seen in non-structured co-creation sessions today.

Want to join the 'Fix the broken news-format' or want to bring a Design Challenge, consider signing up.

FORM GUIDE How would you describe yourself? A Business Analyst, Outlier, Designer or Customer? Our motto Everybody is a designer.


Unlearn / Relearn

Unlearn what you know, and jump in the exiting world of need based software design.

Conversational Interaction design enables us to design our software front-end in a consistent way and focus on value creation, instead of feature building.

Digital conversations combine social design with digital product design and raises the bar for meaningful content delivery.


Live Classes

The newest collaboration tools will enable us to show that a design system without a new way of working does not level up your design skills.

Co-intelligence is at the core of social design and in our live-classes we use Social UX and converasational interaction design in tandem. Strap in.

Co-study & Co-design

Learning always works best in teams of 3-6, find you peer, set your design challenge and build together.

Weekly Challenges.

From Design Critiques, Design Ping Pong, to UX review, learning is always more fun with practical challenges. Every week we review our work together.

Online Courses

For our online courses we use Learndash, the award winning software for learning at your own pace. All courses have question sessions included, so if you are stuck we are always here to help out.

Design in motion

Design must evoke and digital storytelling and wayfinding doesn’t become immersive when things are static on the screen. 

Motion design is a core skill at the Social Design Academy. Join us and lets put conversations in motion.


Have question join our discord server, there is always someone to help you out.


Rebuild as Assistant

“Designing for Human Activities and Routines really helps in simplifying our software, and deliver true value. Designing our own ecosystem and being able to design digital conversations really helped us to scale our story. Being able to involve people is amazing.”

Next Gen Digital Governance using privacy by design

“Privacy by design is as simple of an insight, as it’s practical to use. Being able to able to keep the data in the users pocket while have an open communication channel with our audiences is truly a revolutionary find in digital product design.”

We didn’t realize how harsh our software was.

“Now we use Conversational Interaction Design we see how harsh and impolite our software actually was. Being able to design for time, location and context is real eyeopener. Situational aware Assistants are an exciting new field.”

Weekly Conversational Challenges

Conversational Interface Examples


How you will learn

Online Self study Course
We use Learndash to give you an online course experience, all courses are accompanied with live clases.
Live clases
Bringing knowledge into practise is the best way to learn. In live classes we teach you how to transpose a page based interaction design into digital conversations.
Design Challenges
Every month we run design challenges. We focus on wallet blockchain patterns to make cryptocurrency ready for family and friends.
Your Peers / Co-study & Co-design
We always create teams of three, so learning is fun, and you can help each other when you are stuck. And makes learning a lot of fun.
Time commitment
Most courses can be completed in 4 weeks. But rushing learning never helps, better to do a couple of hours a week, than push all energy into an effort that feels like an obligation.

For who is this course

Rebuild as Assistant

This is a hands on course for change makers that want to ideate and design real social software. For people and teams that want to make the world a better place designing software that matters.

This course is for software designers and developers that want to level up their experience design and build a consistent engaging conversational interfaces that are easy to use, feel natural, and guide people to their goals.

For who is this course

Rebuild as Assistant

This course is for anyone working in the field of Learning and Development or Change and Transformation and needs to add design and facilitation of online processes as an essential skill. Our typical participants include members of Heads of Leadership Development, Chief HR, Transformation Directors, Change Management Leaders, Learning Designers, Facilitators and similar roles who are responsible for the development and delivery of learning experiences or transformative processes.

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Rebuild as Assistant

This is a self-study course, but all courses have call in events, so you can always ask us question and connect with others.

ADA 499,-



First-time sessions up to 90 minutes are always free, during our
intake we discuss your goals and set expectations.